Misc Rules

Earning Bonus XP, Force Points and Destiny Points
- 250 Xp points for writing a usable adventure log
- 1 Extra Destiny point to start with for creating a good back story and adding it to your character bio on Obsidian Portal

Destinies, Destiny Points and Force Points
-What your destiny is must be decided (unless you choose a secret destiny) before you can use Destiny Points, the destiny must also be chosen out of game during character creation.
-Destiny Points can not be used to negate another destiny point

Maim Table
In an attempt to add realism the following Maim table and rules will be used.

-You have a chance to be maimed if the following conditions are met:
Critted on, damage exceeds twice your damage threshold.
Maim is permanent if Surgery is not conducted within 1 hour of receiving damage or if the same location is maimed more then once prior to Surgery


Misc Rules

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