Char Creation and Leveling up

Char Creation

Start at Level 1, 28 point build all stats start at 10. If you lower a stat too low I will think of some way in game that it penalizes you (low dex might give you a crippled limb for example.) No stat over 18 unless the race you choose has a plus to the stat. May go higher when you have level up, or if you have some item that raises a stat.Languages are in affect, this means for example if you choose a wookie, the rest of the party may not understand a word you say.

Max Hp and max starting wealth.

If you are going to be a Force user check out My special rules about the force.

No skill focus until level 5, No Skill Focus UTF until level 8 .

I suggest that the group emails and talks about who and what they will be building. If there are characters that are built that for various reasons just would not work together very well, I will stir up inner group conflict.

Leveling up

-May Multi-class anyway you wish
-Force Users must find a teacher or some way to learn new Force Powers.

Char Creation and Leveling up

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