Death Sticks


Narcotic Foundaround the galaxy, comes in differnt forms, usually a liquid form that produces a euphoric effect. However, it ravages the users immune system and shortens the users lifespan. Force users who take Death sticks shut themselves off to the emotions of others and eliminate force visions from being able to occur.

Consuming a death stick= +1 Attack, +1 to all defenses, -10 UTF and cannot spend force points.

1st time use lasts for an hour, but each use afterwards lasts 5 minutes longer.

after euphoria is over d20+10(+1 for every use after) vs Fort. If fails they are addicted.

-1 down condition track for every day they do not use a death stick.

If they can go 1 week without using a deathstick, another character can do a dc 25 treat injury to treat addiction. can only be done once a day and other players can aid in the check


Death Sticks

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