Stanley Height

The youngest son of Crown Prince Freland Height


Stanley supports the citizenship of non-humans. This sometimes puts him at odds with people in his circles. After the Queen declared that citizenship could be attained by 5 years service, Stanley publicly applauded the decision. He also went on to tell reporters that “…there is more progress to be made….members of my family and I will continue to support less stringent requirements for citizenship.”

Awards: Bronzium Star
Rank- Lord Ensign


Stanley Height is a descendant of the great John Height. He is 5th in line to the throne currently held by Queen Marie V. He grew up wanting to be a pilot. Every time his uncle or cousin would go for a long journey, he would request to copilot. He learned some things from them before his family ordered him to enter the military. He finished Flight school and is on his way to being assigned to his first posting,the Heavy Dreadnaught TSS Relentless.

Stanley Height

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