John Height

Young age looking human, wanting revenge and something new in his life.


Is now a Major lord in his house. This is is first part of his master plan to become ruler of his house.

He has recently bought a pimped out XS Stock Light Freighter called the “First and Only”.

He recently turned an aureck starfighter to something amazing and put it in the “First and only” cargo hold, can release it by cargo jettison system takes 25 tons of cargo space.

Smuggler ship

Img tor smuggler ship plans

Episode3pic1 jedi fighter


John Height was born on the Planet Zolan, under the rule of the cruel Zolanders, who at this time was enslaving his people out of fear. He was 18 when he had enough and started an uprising that almost broke into a Zolan civil war. He was captured months later, and given two choices. 1. To be publicly executed. 2. Be sold into slavery somewhere on some planet. He chooses to be a slave for life.
John was sent to Tapani Sector, where he was sold to a noble named “Lord Height” of the House Cadriaan who realized john could make a good personal assassin due to his special abilities to shape shift. The noble taught everything he knew to John even thinking of him as his lost son. John was grateful of the noble’s kindness and teachings, but it was all too good to be true. After, a party was thrown for john with successfully completing all teaching with the Lightfoil form of Makashi and presenting John with 2 yellow hilted Lightfoils. The noble’s genetic son grew jealous and killed his farther and framed John for his heartless act.
John reaping in his master’s death decided he will always stay the shape of the son who killed his farther so he can remember every time he looks at himself that one day he will kill his master’s son and take his rightful spot on the head of the noble’s house and taking on his new last name “Height”. He thinks of what to do next and his best move is to get as far away as possible from here as he could. He buys a ticket for a random space station. Not 30 minutes he was there he meets weird group spacers who are looking for a hired hand to help with some salvage ops. He agrees to help them but keeping his shape shifting abilities to himself. He realizes his life will never be the same from that moment on. But never forgetting the most important lesson his master taught him “The Ends Always Justify The Means”.

John Height

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