Jarren Geist

A Strange, Cares Only For Himself, Tech Savy Omwati Male.


Awards: Crimson Heart,Bronzium Star x2,Silver Star, Ace Medal


Jarren Geist was born on the planet of Coruscant with the rest of the Omwati people that are known at this time. As a kid he always loved playing practical jokes on everyone, and he loved learning about mechanical and computer information. By the age of 19 he was the brightest Omwati male on knowledge and the know how to fix, repair, build, destroy, and upgrade anything that required a hydro spanner or a computer. Unfortunately one day when he was about 20 he decided to play a prank on a high ranking Mandalorian official. The prank was harmless but it did embarrass the official among his colleagues which in return got Jarren sold into slavery. He was sold to these 2 Bothans who had no idea what to do with Jarren so they had him do manual labor. On a casual trip to Tatooine the Bothans ship came under attack by pirates! After a being bombarded by the pirate’s laser cannons. The Bothans escaped by launching the escape pods but leaving Jarren in binder cuffs. Using his quick thinking mechanical skills cut of the cuffs and began to dodge the pirate’s laser cannons and then proceeded to crash land the ship on the extremely hot planet of Tatooine. Lucky for him he found a junk yard salesman by the name of Obi-two Kenobi and sold him the pile of scrap. In his years on Tatooine he learned a valuable lesson, “only care for one thing and that’s yourself”, and that he hated Jawas A LOT. In due time he picked up a job working for a bounty hunter named Charels Fett. He kept his ship up to date and repaired it on a moments call and in return Charles taught him what it takes to become one of the best bounty hunters in this galaxy. There came a point where Charels no longer need Jarren’s services and told him to leave this planet for reasons unknown. He in return finding information about the Tapani sector and its program allowing near humans to become citizens of the sector through military service. He quickly bought a space ticket and enlisted in flight school. He graduated on the top of his class. Quickly understanding the politics of the Tapani sector he cares for no one but himself he is willing to do whatever it takes to be on top and be the best of the best. But he is doesn’t mind making a joke or back talking and he loves getting the last word in.

Jarren Geist

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