Galaxy Far Far Away....

Money Money Money

The game opens up with the group on Mandalore returning all the Armor that they found. While there they find Tyrious “Tye” Solaros with a glowing blue arm where his stump used to be. He was researching some Force Sensitive Gauntlet that could potentially allow him the use of his missing arm. It just so happens to be the one that John Height found and is currently wearing. SO after a little show of “Force” John Height gives it up to him and walks off in a huff.

The group takes the information that Cad discovered about Czerkas black ops and maybe get more details on who they should be going after. This requires them to meet up with a Falleen named Lio on Emerald Queen. He seems to live there year round and is teh recruiter for black ops for Czerka.

Upon arrival the group does some gambling, gets their own private room and discovers an old friend (Mälé Eelo’bek) is working with an old enemy ( Raic) as body guards for Lio.

One thing leads to another and there ends up being a firefight that possiblly kills Mälé Eelo’bek and leaves Raic horribly maimed.

The group kidnaps Lio and fights their way back to their ship to escape.



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