Galaxy Far Far Away....

A new begining

The group decides to split up to handle different aspects of their future as a group:
Zentarik Genarik and Cad partner up to do some data mining on Czerka, attempting to figure out who works their black ops programs and heads up their secret R&D projects.

Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob, Mälé Eelo’bek and Growak
partner up to find a place to use as a new HQ and some ways to earn some money.

While doing some research they discover a ship yard that has a decrpit Action II cruiser. They decide to purchase it and start salvaging operations at old Fleet actions from the Republic-Sith War. They also meet up with a down on his luck looking human (John Height) who they hire to help out with the salvage ops.

They go to a small scale space battle location. It has 3 Republic hammer head cruisers, 1 Republic Command ship, 1 mando cruiser, and 1 Sith Battlecruiser.

Salvage operations are going smoothly they manage to strip components out of the Mando ship but when they reach the Sith Ship they discover that there is some sort of artifact that all three groups were hunting down for unknown reasons. A search of the ship brings them to the Quarters of Lord Nefarious. In his chambers they find a box containing a lightsaber crystal, a gauntlet with an identical crystal imbedded into it and some pyramid shaped crystal device.

In a locked chamber in the back they find a large metal coffin like object.
John Height uses one of his lighfoils to stab the device and this sets off an attack from a Human claiming to be named Master Jensen. After a few seconds of combat he flees through the wall and this gives the group a chance to escape back to their ship.

After discussing it together John Height and Mälé Eelo’bek decide to go in and find out who the person really is. Inside they discover that he is actually some sort of Sith Lord and in side the device is a person that looks identical to him, however, he has been stabbed through the heart and is dead.

This culminates with another fight with this person, he is somehow heating up the environment and able to manipulate fire into his attacks. The two manage to narrowly defeat him.

The group loads up their ship and returns to the Nar Shadaa



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