Galaxy Far Far Away....

Jungle Planet

Zentarik Genarikarrives in the system, after passing his Jedi Trials and being sent to watch and guide the group into the Light, only to see the Research ship exploding. While flying through the debris field attempting to track the location of the rest of the group, Subject 0 latches onto his ship, rides it through the atomosphere and then proceeds to shred the engine and flight controls. This leads to Zentarik Genarik ejecting over a large lake but he lands near by where the escape pod landed that contained Dorn Tio,Mälé Eelo’bek,Tyrious “Tye” Solaros and Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob.

Those group members talk for a few minutes exchanging battery packs and work on their weapons in an attempt to get them working again, when Zentarik Genarik suddenly starts running in the direction of a smoke plume on the distance. Once he arrives there he finds Wrax Lemans bloody but still barely alive body inside a crashed shuttle craft. Zentarik Genarik manages to heal him and bring him back to consciousness.

Once back with the group a very irate Wrax Leman draws his weapons on the group in order to find out why they left him. After some shots were exchanged and a use of force powers, the group calms down with no real injuries and decides to start working together to get off this planet.

The Group members move back to the shuttle that Wrax Leman crashed down on to do a survey of what works and what doesnt work, hoping to maybe patch it up enough to escape this place. Sad to say most of the ship was trashed making it not safe to fly out of atmosphere(or really in the atmosphere either).

Moving on towards some ruins spotted during the escape pods plummet towards the earth, the group comes across a strange scene…They find some sort of primative trap, it is basicaly two cut down trees made to crash down into each other, in the trap they find the crushed body of a Mandolorian. They manage to salvage claw gauntlets made from Mando Iron, and a power pack from his armor that Mälé Eelo’bek can use to power up his armor. Also during the search of the area, the group finds under the over grown ground some sort of road. The group then rests for the night and heads on to the ruins.

Once at the ruins they head towards the tallest intake building in order to get a birds eye view of the small town. However inside they are ambushed by Subject 0, but they manage to take him down for now and slow his healing enough to cover his body with rocks and boulders.

The group begins searching and finds the controls for a lift that takes them down towards some underground facility. Inside they find a dusty facilty, looks to have been abandoned but left powered up for some reason. They do a quick look around and Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob notices some markings that look like older Czerka Company Logos and also some strange canaisters lining the wall.

Further into the facility they find a room that has a hologram display of a paritally nude human female with the words stasis 100%. They figure out from the computers that this persons name is Brynn Rennab. She is in a statis chamber with all sorts of meds being pumped into her to keep her sedated.

The group decides to leave her alone for now and looks around for more computers to get info and heads back to the entrance where there were some computer banks. Once there Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob looks closer at the canisters and realizes that they are actually high yield explosive devices. In a slight panic after this they attempt to access the computers and escape but they set off the escape countermeasurs instead.

Working quickly in attempt to disarm all the devices they manage to get it down to two devices left when Wrax Leman accidently snips the wrong wire and sets off the device.

In the explosion Brynn Rennab manges to escape stasis and climb out of the facilty through the elevator shaft.

Dorn Tio loses a leg but bleads out and dies.
Mälé Eelo’bek loses an arm.
Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob loses both legs.
Zentarik Genarik loses a leg.
Wrax Leman gets turned into pink mist



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