Galaxy Far Far Away....

Down in Flames

This session started with the group still on Mustafar. They managed to patch up the ship enough to head to safety.

Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob does some research and finds a planet on the way back to the Moon base that specializes in Medical Supplies. The group lands there and resupplies. Zentarik Genarik decides to leave the group here and catch a shuttle to Tython because he has been summoned to complete his Jedi Trials.

The rest of the group heads back to the Moon base. While there Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob works on a way to hopefully cure himself of this infection he picked up on Mustafar from the mindless humanoids. He figures out that they infected him with som sort of nanobots that are eating away at the small number of midi-chlorians in his blood.

While he is working on this the rest of the group starts stripping down the figher ships left there at the base to hopefully sell for parts.

Once finished here the group decides to head to the Deep Core part of the Galaxy to figure out what exactly is on the research ship they found information about on Mustafar.

The group arrives there and finds out that it is some sort of unarmed hospital ship. A fly by reveals that all the escape pods have been launched and looks like they probably landed on the small jungle planet this ship is orbiting. A scan of the ship reveals 3 life forms on it but Dorn Tio is unable to feel them in the force. The group lands on the hospital ship, suits up and goes through the decon into what looks to be a quarantine area. A search of the ship reveals that it has been converted to be automated with either nobody to run it or atleast a minimal amount of supervision.

After arriving at the bridge/command post the group splits up to do a search of the area:
1. Dorn Tio and Wrax Leman go down the main middle hallway to the rear observation deck
2. Mälé Eelo’bek goes down a differnt hallway through what looks to be emptied offices
3. Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob decides to stay on the bridge and oversee what everybody else is doing by tapping into the security system.

The splittling up ends up working against the group when each split up section is attacked. They area attacked by humans who seem to be able to miniplulate the ship around them and even electronics that the group are using. A bloody battle ensues ending with an explosive decompression that almost sucks half the party out into space, Wrax Leman’s new combat enhancement chip is exploded in his head causing him to go unconsious and one of the enemy is sucked out into space.

The group is able to make it back to their ship, revive Wrax Leman, however, they are unable to agree on aplan of attack. This leads to Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob getting frustrated and heading down to the reactor area to manualy set up the self destruct. The group waits about 45 minutes for him and after he shuts off his coms with them they decide to leave him and escape. Dorn Tio manages to Fold Space with the ship out into space but they realize that their ship has powered down. While this is going on Wrax Leman finally finds the reactor and sets the self destruct but is ambushed by one of the guys from the bridge while on his way to a shuttle craft parked near by.

Another bloody battle ensues ending when Wrax Leman defeats his enemy. However, what he didnt know was its command over the ship was the only thing stopping the self destruct to not go off. The self destruct goes off and Wrax Leman somehow manages to blast his way through the cockpit of the shuttle right as the explosion his, launching the shuttle out into space and it crashes onto the Jungle Planet. THe session ends for Wrax Leman with him knocked out on this planet.

Meanwhile, back to the rest of the group, they manage to repower the ship which somehow launches them into hyperspace for a few seconds before the ship is ripped out of hyperspace when the ship once again loses power. They are launched through the atmoshper of the Jungle Planet with no control so they decide to abandon ship. They escape through the ships one escape pod and manage to slow its unpowered descent with parachuts that are built in and an awe inspiring use of the Force by Dorn Tio.



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