Galaxy Far Far Away....

Mr Jo'n Siiin I presume

Coriouser and Coriouser

This episode starts right after the Evil Sith Ewok escapes the Group HQ.

Due to injuries received in battle last Episode, Mälé Eelo’bek is placed in a medical coma (Player was absent this week) to heal.

Zentarik Genarik locks himself away to recuperate from losing some of his life energy and to meditate on the incident in the last Episode (player absent this week).

The group spends the first day of this Episode searching the facility for useful items, packing up, attempting to contact Mr. Jo’N Siin and figuring out which ship can be repaired so they can escape.

Wrax Leman and Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob inspect all the ships and they think they can fix the transport but they know that the repairs will be temporary. The repairs take about 12 days to complete.

During the first few days Dorn Tio and Tyrious “Tye” Solaros use the pressure oven and the datapad that instructs force users on how to synthsize light saber crystals that they found in Darth Kratins lair to build new crystals and lightsabers.

Dorn Tio and Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob attempt to contact Mr. Jo’N Siin. Using the technometry force power, they are able to contact him, he gives them coordinates for a secondary base on Mustafar.

The group flies there in their busted up transport which ends badly in a crash. The ship ends up hanging over the ledge of a runway above a lava flow. The group manages to escape and the ship is saved when Tyrious “Tye” Solaros uses an epic Move Object rather then escape the ship. This could have ended badly if it failed, he would have plummeted to his probable death with the ship.

Once inside the facility Dorn Tio,Tyrious “Tye” Solaros and Wrax Leman go deep inside looking for a way to restore power. They go down into a basement area and find a flooded mold infested room that leads to the power room that has the fuse boxes. Power is restored and the group meets up only to find out that they are locked inside this facility with no idea how to get out.

The same group plus Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob decide to explore the upper levels with the hope that there might be another way out. They discover an autopsy room that leads to a quarantined area. Dorn Tio and Wrax Leman go inside this quarantined area and discover it populated by different humanoid races (Human,Twileck, Zabrack, etc)wearing white jumpsuits. They then massacre the people in this area (who were showing no signs of hostility) and leave. They decide to head down to the basement area and check out the rooms down there.

Once down in the basement they see all but three of the doors have been opened, they also then get attacked by different humanoid races (same type as before except these people are wearing business attire instead of white jumpsuits). These people are very hostile but the group manages to beat them with almost no problem. However, sometime during the fight Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob gets slashed and his wound looks very infected.

From there the group goes through double doors at the end of the room that lead to a walkway to another part of the facility. Tyrious “Tye” Solaros uses to the Force to augment his speed and once he reaches nearly to other side he gets ambushed by the Evil Sith Ewok who tosses him over the side of the walkway into the lava. Atleast that was his plan, Tyrious “Tye” Solaros manages to grab the walkway just in time to save himself. The Sith aldo sets off an explosion blowing a large hole in the walkway.
The group manages to defeat the Sith, however, during the battle it managed to burn Tyrious “Tye” Solaross arm down to the bone with Force Lightning.

The doorway lead to what looked to be a server farm and the main cpu area. The information was very corrupted but they managed to figure out the following information:

1.Mr. Jo’N Siin is not an actual person, its a program in this facility, however its been corrupted so they can not figure out why it was doing what it was doing.
2. The people working at this facility were attempting to figure out a way to make soldiers who were invisible to the force and not able to be affected by it. They succeeded somewhat, they made people like that but they either became mindless super docile and attracted to life or very aggresive and violent towards the living. The information on how this happened was all lost.
3. Locations of other facilities.



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