Galaxy Far Far Away....

Seeds of Doubt

Who can be trusted?

The group finally complets the Ord Mantell mission and returns to Group HQ to deliver the information.

The support crew goes through all the information and believes they have found where the suppliers are located.
Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob also does some research and finds out that the shipping company is a front company for a front company eventually leading back to the Hutt Cartel.

The Group was then dispatched to destroy the next shipment leaving for Ord Mantell, the show up, after a space battle that they win they board the Hutt Cartel Ship and find out that this ship was also transporting slaves, who all died in the attack. The group also finds an unconscious one armed Ewok with a slave collar. They then return back to the Group HQ for debriefing with Zoy’d Beerg.

Dorn Tio,Tyrious “Tye” Solaros, and Zentarik Genarik wake up the day after returning to Group HQ with a feeling that a great evil has infiltrated the group. Tyrious “Tye” Solaros and Zentarik Genarik violently confront Dorn Tio due to their suspicions that he has fallen (he has but long before the group ever met), they manage to get him to surrender after a tense standoff with the rest of the group. Once Dorn Tio is placed in a cell, the rest of the group gets together to discuss what is going on. This causes Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob to seek out Zoy’d Beerg but he finds him dead and Tyrious “Tye” Solaros discovers that Dorn Tio has escaped his cell. Once this happens the Force users in the group are nearly over whelmed with a sense of great evil.

The group ends up meeting up again in an intersection leading to the hangers and their sleeping quarters. THe Force users all get the feeling that the other Force users in the party are the cause of this and end up fighting and nearly killing Dorn Tio. Mälé Eelo’bek decides that he has ahd enough of the crazy Jedi nonsense and heads off on his own, however, this ends badly when he is attacked and killed (after being Force Gripped, dropping a grenade and being force moved into a wall) by the Evil Sith Ewok. Zentarik Genarik manages to bring Mälé Eelo’bek back to life by channeling the Force through himself and transfering some of his life into Mälé Eelo’bek. Soon after, Wrax Leman who is alone in his room after shooting down Dorn Tio, is attacked by the Evil Sith Ewok. The rest of the group hears the commotion and rushes to help him out but soon realize that the Evil Sith Ewok has escaped in the direction of the hanger bay. The group gets there in time to see the one lone working starfighter flying off.



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