Galaxy Far Far Away....

Ord Mantell

Explosively Stealthy

Padawan Zentarik Genarik and his Master arrive on Ord Mantell to investigate rumors of Sith Empire involvment in the Seperatist movement. They hear rumors of possible locations and allow the force to lead them to one spot where they find Darth Kratin set up.

The rest of the group is heading to Trin Dales (one of the Sep controlled cities when they see the flashing lights of a light saber battle. They rush into action with Wrax Leman deciding to fast rope down into the battle. Tyrious “Tye” Solaros and Dorn Tio both attempt to use Force Powers against Darth Kratin from the ramp of their ships. So between them and the Jedi fighting him they wittle him down close to death. Darth Kratin decides to attempt to take them with him and hits the self destruct on his ship, completely incinerating himself and the Jedi Master in the process.

After healing up the group splits up into groups and heads into Trin Dales to attempt to pick up some information that they were tasked to get.
They learn some vague information…..However, the group recognizes a Mando wearing armor exactly like Raic, who they thought they killed earlier, evrybody but Wrax Leman leaves the bar. Wrax Leman then proceeds to goad Raic into a fight that ultimatly ends with half the bar as rubble, Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob bleading out all over the floor, Zentarik Genarik burried in rubble, and Raic dead (or is he….) in an Alley. After a polite but firm suggestion from the local police to leave town the group heads out to another Sep controlled city.

Once at the city the group notices an influx of Sept troops and Mando Mercs, seems they are massing for an attack. Tyrious “Tye” Solaros and Zentarik Genarik go into the city posing as Medical Supplies salesmen and get some useful information. Wrax Leman joins up as a pilot to infiltrate from inside but is unable to break into the office with the much needed information. This leads to Dorn Tio signing up also…….



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