Galaxy Far Far Away....

Highs and Lows

TSS Relentless moved out with its new crew members to patrol the space lanes. As they moved on their patrol, they were suddenly pulled out of hyperspace with damaged engines. Century Squadron is scrambled to hold off incoming marauders. There is an exchange of missiles and both sides take damage before they clash in individual dogfights. (except for Big Bird, who dodged the dogfight to engage entangled foes) After mopping up the marauders with minimal losses, they discovered a freighter starting to move slowly away. Ordered to move close and scan the freighter, they do so as it starts to move away and they are ordered to damage its engines. Right when Stanley starts to fire on the engines, the warning comes that the ship is highly radioactive and everyone is ordered back, narrowly getting out of the way when the ship explodes. After an awards ceremony and some chit chat where Stanley starts to realize he is one of a few that agree with non-humans becoming citizens, Stanley, Devon and Jarren get ordered into an asteroid field to pursue three suspected pirate fighters. Splitting up and moving into the field, they discover that their sensors are being reflected back on them and giving them strange readings. Finally breaking into a more open area, they are ambushed by the three fighters they were pursuing and fight them off, but all get their ships destroyed and fall unconscious as more fighters join the combat. They slowly wake up in a medbay. Looking around, they see that the bay is deserted except for one doctor who is muttering to himself. This is when they discover the restraints that hold them to the beds, getting tighter when they struggle. Stanley, in his royal manner, demands to be freed, since no Height will suffer such indignity, attracts the attention of the doctor, who, while muttering, mostly to himself, takes a sample and then injects Stanley with something that knocks him out, watching him and looking disappointed. Discovering that Devon might not be human, he takes a sample from him as well. This whole time, all Jarren can think about is how he will prove his kills in the asteroid field because not only with his ship get destroyed, he didn’t make it back to the relentless, AND no one else saw the kills.



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