Galaxy Far Far Away....

End of an Era.......

John Height talks the group into helping end the Tapani Civil War. He convices everybody to unleach the fill might of their fleets on House Mecetti. The group shows up to find that House Mecetti also has a massive fleet. After hours of battle head and heir of House Mecetti are both taken out causing the rest of the fleets to scatter or surrender.

After being crowned High King of the Tapani sector,John Height sells the remaining members of House Mecetti into slavery to the Hutts.

The group then takes out a Republic Shipyard that has experimental long range turbolasers and also has a Tal-Warr Class Drednaught being built, striking a huge blow against the Republic.

Growak decides it is time for new leadership for the Mandalores and challenges Mandalore the Vindicated to a trial of leadership(fight to the death). Which he barely wins, and is Crowned Mandalore the Inviciple.

Afterwards, Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob contacts the group to let them know that he has figured out how to control the time travel device from Episode 14. He explains that it can only go forward or backward in increments of 50 years. So the group decides to travel only 50 years to maybe get new tech or see how the galaxy ends up…..

What they find is galaxy wide devastaion and death. Apperentaly some sort of war happened and a plague was released that turned people into mindless creatures. After traveling around for a while and not finding anybody left alive they make it to Wolfs hideout where they find him, sitting at a computer mumbling how he made a mistake in his calculations and he must fix his mistake. It looks like he attempted to release force desensitized soldiers based off the Czerka files he found but it went horiblly wrong. Cad took pity on him and ended his life before returning to their timeline.

Once there they confronted Wolf about what they had seen but he seemed to not have any idea what was going on. So John Height decided to end the threat to the galaxy and beheaded him in his lab…….However, as they soon found out Wolf was not really at the lab. The group barely made it out alive before his labs self destructed.

Mandalore the Inviciple used the might of the Mandalore fleets to smash the Republic and soon after the Sith Empire broke out into a Civil War when Lord Vich failed to assasinate the Sith Emperor. However, the Mandalorians arrived and ended the Sith threat to the galaxy once and for all. The Mandalorians have become the new ruling Government in the Galaxy.

The Tapani closed their borders during this time of war and rebuilt. King Height eventually reveals his new Force Sensitive body Guards. The Height dynasty rules for thousands of years.

However, Wolf was left alive and you know good loose ends are…….



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