Galaxy Far Far Away....

Damn orbs, Damn force

Growak and John Height decided that they wanted to search out the lost jedi fleet. They searched several nebulae before discovering 15 republic dreadnaughts floating dead in space. Between visual cues and scanning, John and Growak determined the flagship of the fleet and docked with it, cutting into the ship to gain access. They discovered that while the ship had atmosphere, it was thin and stale, and there was no gravity. They moved through the ship towards the bridge, towing a portable generator. There were empty sets of clothing and armor everywhere, like all the people had been vanished. Once at the bridge, they used generator to power up the nav system to check on where the fleet had previously been. After getting no real information, they hook the generator up to the captain’s console and powered that up. They checked the logs and discovered that the fleet had discovered a mysterious orb, broadcasting a distress signal. After that, there were no more entries. Looking through the security systems, they found the location of the orb in a secure room on the ship. Going there, they found the room-sized orb standing by itself, with five sets of jedi robes scattered in the room. After poking at the orb with objects, they discovered that the seemingly solid object rippled with the pokes. John stripped his glove off and touched the surface, instantly vanishing, his clothing dropping behind him. Growak muttered and after a minute, stripped his gauntlet off, gripped his Ryyk blade and touched the orb. Instantly, they were in a desert with a solitary sun overhead. With sand dunes in all directions, John checks for water or living things, seeing nothing. They decide to travel in a single direction for six hours, still seeing nothing. The sun never moves and the only determination of the passage of time is the slow tick of their chronos. Searching the area through his scope, John spots a giant battle between force users back the way they had come. They head that way and realize that they aren’t getting any closer. With a pause, they ponder this and start again, willing themselves along. Sure enough, they quickly arrive at the edge of the battle. Growak decides to move into the area towards a strange figure in the center of the melee while John covers him with a sniper rifle. No one pays attention to him until Growak gets to the center and taps the woman on the shoulder to get her attention. She immediately turns and lunges at Growak burying two strange feelers into him. Reeling back, Growak slashed her in half with his blade. Immediately, all the fighting figures started surrounding Growak, attacking with their lightsabers. John immediately fires to support him, but his blaster bolts move so slowly that they barely make it out of the barrel, inching their way towards the battlefield. After several tense seconds as Growak threw thermal detonators and fought his way towards the edge of the battlefield, he had a thought and jumped towards John, willing himself along. With a spectacular launch, Growak landed hundreds of feet from where he started, slashed and battered. John spots the solitary figure and runs over to her. As he is deciding whether to attack her or not, the figures split and charge both John and Growak. John stays long enough to strike at the solitary figure and take her out, then runs away from the group of attackers. After everything has settled down, they both headed back to the center, where the ground reminds them of the orb’s surface. As soon as they arrive, Growak reaches down with a bare hand and touches it, instantly being transported into a back nothingness. Seeing out of the orb, they see their clothing and armor laying on the floor. With a simple desire, they escape the orb and are back in their gear.
Deciding they need a force user, they track down a jedi and ask him to come and check the orb out. He agrees and helps them navigate the orb and they discover a control room that houses three computers and a someone in suspended animation. Working their way through hooking up their datapads (and breaking the first two plugs along the way), they decipher the data. The frozen person is a Rakata, the one who developed the star forges, maybe developed time travel, and who has come down with a disease. Taking the nav system data, they escape the orb again and bid the jedi farewell with a small gift.

They then travel to Tatooine to visit the crazy guy who had been talking about time travel. They do, arriving just as he puts the finishing touches on his machine. he tells him that his name is Anton Calrissian and that he is from the Future, he works for a group called the Galactic Alliance. Growak helps him finish it while John distracts him with a story of needing a piece of copper to finish it so that John could disable the explosives set to destroy it. They deactivate the charges, John makes up a place to put the copper, and then the two back away so the traveler could make his attempt. There was a scream and when Growak and John return, there is a blood smear near the device. They call Wolf to come in and take the device to experiment with it.
Shortly after, Growak talks the Mandalore out of attacking the Sith and Republic navys due to the messing up of the plan for Sith civil war. It falls on Clan Shysa, to come to the Sith’s rescue and ensure the defeat of the Republic. Due to a misunderstanding, John attacks one of the Sith armadas while Growak focuses on the republic forces. After a pitched battle, one of the republic armadas escapes and the only sith navy left is Darth Vich’s apprentice. Growak turns and smashes it with extreme prejudice. Reporting to Darth Vich that the republic finished off all the sith ships and letting the Mandalore know that his plan ended up being executed perfectly.



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