Galaxy Far Far Away....


Darth Vich gave the group a mission to destroy a new ship unveiled by the Republic as its new flagship against the Sith. There was going to be a gala on board, the Supreme Chancellor, many high ranking senators and jedi masters will be present. He offers 450 million for the group to not only destroy the ship, but assassinate everyone on board, and do it publicly, where everyone can see and know that it was destroyed. The group planned extensively on ways to get to the ship and how to get into the ship, how they were going to destroy it and then get away. After a final run through, the group agreed to float in towards the ship in just armor and flight suits carrying one of the fuel cell warheads from czerka. They drifted for over two hours through space and landed on the side of the ship with only minor injuries. From there, they cut their way in through a concussion missile tube. Once through, they were in midst of trying to drag the warhead inside the ship when all hell broke loose. Several doors opened and Jedi and troopers flooded into the room. Zentarik was leading them. Growak ansered their demands for surrender by firing at Zentarik. Force powers flooded the room. Growak was slammed into a wall, Mork was force gripped, John faced off in single combat with another Jedi and Tal-warr maneuvered behind cover. Cad opened fire, Growak charged a jedi and slashed him nearly in half. Zentarik reached out and force gripped Growak. Mork fought free of his attacker and moved to lay down fire and grenades to his best advantage. Cad continued to blast at enemies but suddenly came under force attack from an unknown source. After several tense seconds, Tal-war jumped over his barricade and slashed Cad from behind, Mork’s firing distracted Zentarik, who released Growak. In the confusion, targeted fire, and explosions, Zentarik took a missile to the chest that took him down, Mork ran for the safety of the missile tube but never made it as Tal-warr reached out and slammed him into Cad, and Growak took advantage of Tal-warr’s distraction to split him in half with a mighty swing of his Ryyk blade. John finished off his opponent and looked around, seeing what was developing and tossed a thermal detonator at some troopers, taking them out. Growak faced off with two jedi but was weakening and took some hits from the troopers and the lightsabers of the jedi. John slipped under cover and morphed to attempt his escape from the ship. Growak realized he wasn’t going to carry the day on his own and made a tactical retreat, attempting to drag Cad and Mork to safety. His violent grabbing of them woke them up enough to open up on the remaining troopers, finishing them off, but not before Cad, thinking it was the end, pushed a detonator button, destroying the Jedi home world. The group limps off the ship and floats away. At a bare safe distance, they detonate the ship, causing massive destruction. They flee to Darth Vich’s stronghold to heal up and watch the news. Apparently, Tal-warr had been ratting on them for quite a while and had alerted the republic to the plan. The Supreme Chancellor was not on board the ship, but many other dignitaries were and all perished. Other news told of the destruction of Tython. The group finished healing and went back to base, gathering up their fleets and moved deeper into the asteroid field to find and destroy Tal-warr’s forces there. Those forces proved far too well organized for the haphazard attack and escaped. The group went back to base and were met by 4 dreadnaughts and many troop transports, Wolf had come through in a spectacular fashion. With the new reinforcements, the group moved their base of operation to keep it a secret and started to build up their forces.



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