Galaxy Far Far Away....

Moral Dilemma

The episode starts with the group in the War room of the Hq. They decide to split up the forces and use the Mandalorian Warship [Venator-style] PC Command Ship as part of the base defenses.

At this point Tal-warr took the 25 Force Users that he recruited to explore the other Walkers of the Sky sites. Tox continued to scour the Holonet to gather intel on what is going on in the Galaxy.

The rest of the group was given a mission by Lord Vich.

They are told that Lord Vich contracted with Czerka Corp to design and build a Hyperspace capable cruise missile. However, after a year Czerka Corp no longer sent updates and ignored all communication from them.

The mission is to infiltrate the compound, retrieve any data and any working prototypes.

The group made an awesome parachute infiltration, snuck inside and made it all the way down to the research facility before being caught. The group fought their way to the data center and managed to fight off the counter attack while they downloaded the info. During the attack, John Height got into a duel with some Jedi or Force User that seemed to be working with Czerka Corp on this. This duel was going back and forth until the Force User somehow managed to make John Height surrender and leave with him. They almost got away but Cad hopped up in the aurduck they were escaping in and killed the Jedi.

After a search of the facility they found two working protoypes of the missiles, three prototype warheads, enough material to build three more missles, enough materials for two more warheads and scientists/their families.

The group took everything with them and sabotaged the info so that Lord Vich is not getting the full info he needs to build any of these devices.



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