Galaxy Far Far Away....

Darth Vich

The group decided to travel to visit Darth Vich. They were escorted in to see a shriveled looking man exuding immense dark side power. He offered 300 million for the group to harass and sack targets along the Sith-Republic border and plant evidence of Sith, not Mando involvement. After they agreed, he dismissed the group but asked Tal-Warr to stay to reprimand him for attempting to penetrate his will defense with the force. He proved to be far more powerful than Tal-Warr expected, but on the plus side, Tal-Warr has a decent gauge for how powerful Darth Vich and his apprentice are. After a few months of wrecking havoc on the border of Republic space, the group returned to report in. Darth Vich was pleased with their work and dismissed them. His apprentice took them to his ship and flew to a forgotten planet that was completely devoid of life. He brought them to a room where a ritual had been performed, causing this void of life. He explained that the current Sith Emperor had done this to extend his life. He wants to use the group to help him get into a position that he can stage a successful coup and take over the Sith Empire. The group agreed to help, as the Emperor of the Sith is a greater threat to the galaxy than anything else at this time. The first task related to this new threat, they are given a location to check out and see if they can get any information from relating to this ritual. They travel there and find a small spot that is similar to the dead planet. As the group entered a complex of tunnels, 4 statues guarding the path animated and attacked. Each of the 4 statues depicted different objects of note. One has a gauntlet similar to the one Tal-Warr is wearing. As the group defeated the statues, his gauntlet heated up with each defeat, until the last was defeated, when it cooled. They then moved into the complex and discovered 4 tombs, collecting the remaining objects in them and some scrolls.



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