Galaxy Far Far Away....

The one where Wolf leaves

The group returned from the Emerald Queen incident with Lio to attempt to gain more information about what happened and why the clan was left to die for 100 years.
Info gained from Lio’s interrogation:
-A member of the current Mandalores Clan came to him soon after he took over the position and paid him to erase any evidence of Clan Shysa ever being hired. This was approx 75 years ago, which is around when their contract was supposed to be over. He also took the liberty of emptying the account the Clans money was going to and doctored it to look like there was never very much money inside it.
The group (-Brian who stayed at the facility to do experiments) decided to do kick him out of an airlock on the way to raiding a Czerka Arms R&D facility. However, they did decide to bring Tox, a rodian friend of (jimmy) who was hiding out at their facility.
They had done their research and found out that Czerka uses Bertolli Shipping Corp to provide them with raw materials for their research. This led to a well planned hijacking that went smoothly.
Upon arrival, everybody but (jake) started unloading the cargo for Czerka, so that they would not be suspicious.
(jake) used to force to sneak down into the secure information holding room, however, they did not think of the fact that there would be cameras and he set off an alarm.
This led to a massive firefight. However, (jake) managed to dispatch the Czerka guards with an impressive display of the force.
Meanwhile, the rest of the group had to stop what they were doing and fight off the guards showing up to arrest them. However, with a combination of brute force and great strategy they won .
After escaping with information they proceeded strait to Aratech Arms, hoping to trade the info they got from the Czerka facility for some sort of help. The company seemed receptive but they were unsure what they could do. They are in fact close to bankruptcy due to Czerka out doing them in the Arms sector. They have decided to sink all their remaining money into ship design. They said any help with that would be paid back.
The group ends the episode arriving home to find that Wolfgang has packed up all his stuff and left in one of the hyperspace capable shuttles. They also see a holonet news report of a series of devastating explosions spread across the Republic space.



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