Galaxy Far Far Away....

Tython and the Death Star

The End?

The group picks up where they left off in the previous game. Landing on the decimated Jedi Order home planet of Tython, which even thousands of years later still shows the devastating affects of the Mandalorians hyperspace capable missiles. However, the force leads Jarren Geist down to what looks to be a newly built landing pad.
Once landing the automated system lowers them down into the bowels of Tython. After exploring they find a security room and are able to power it back up. The security feed reveals that this was a secret Walkers of the Sky training facility, however, it looked to be attacked by Mandolorians. The three heads of the Walkers fought a delaying action that allowed their students to escape but cost them their lives in a battle with what looks to be very powerful Force Sensitive Mandolorians.

After leaving Tython, the group spends years tracking down the death star, who the mandalorians are and where they are located. The information they find reveals that thousands of years ago a Mando Scientist from Clan Shysa named Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob. It seems that after multiple millenia of cloning himself in the pursuit of perfection, he has gone insane. He desires to rid the galaxy of the imperfect population and seed it with the clones.

After reporting this info the Mandos and the Tapani, a great Armada is formed consisting of: The Mandalorians, The New Galactic Republic, and the Tapani Sector. The group is tasked with infiltrating the Death Star and taking out Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob in the hopes that the clones will surrender once their leader/creator is dead.

This leads to an epic battle in one of the control centers. The group fight three Wolf Clones who are unable to be sensed or affected by the force (one reason they are insane?). The group manages to take out one of the clones quickly but soon after Devin Scorsese was killed, impaled by metal spikes that the Wolf Clone pulled from the ground. Soon after HK-47 is disabled but manages to take out one of the clones. This leaves Jarren Geist to go one on one with the final clone. However, HK-47 managed to do a reboot of its system and recieves a message from the Master Operating System of the Death Star to join with it. Hk-47 crawls through an open maitence elevator shaft, is lowered down into the main control center of the Death Star and uploads himself, effectivly merging with the Death Star. His first sense is that he is infected with a living virus (every living person on the death star), and inexplicably self destructs. This causes the death of Jarren Geist, Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob clone and any incubating, most of the Great Armada. Hk-47’s last actions is to show the video of the group fighting the wolf clones to the death, their sacrafice leads to them being honored across the Galaxy.



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