Galaxy Far Far Away....

Century Squadron

After graduating from the Tapani Military Academy and flight school, the group is slowly making their way to their first posting. Heavy Dreadnaught TSS Relentless.

They all arrive and are introduced to Captain Leonardo Kraven, the CO of the Relentless, a close personal friend of Crown Prince Height. They fought together during the Tapani Civil War. He welcomes the group abord the ship and tells you that you will be assigned to Century Squadron.
Century Squadron is a fast attack squadron commanded by Lord Commander Frenklan Height (a Royal he is cousin and pretty far down the line of succestion.

CO-(Century 1) Lord Commander Frenklan Height-Male Human Royal
XO-(Century 2) Lt Commander Sev’eere’nuruodo(Nuru)-Female Chiss
(Century 3)- Lt Leeland Monrow-male Human
(Century 4)- Lt Jg Travur Solo-Male Human
(Century 5)- Lt Jg Jamaes Miiikes-male Human Noble born
(Century 6)- Lt Jg Lynda Frances-Female Human Noble Born
(Century 7)- Ensign Harlon Grum-Male Duros
(Century 8)- Ensign Charl Remb-male human
(Century 9)- Lord Ensign Stanley Height-Male human Royal
(Century 10)- Ensign Jarren Geist-Male Omwatti
(Century 11)- Ensign Devin Scorsese-Male Human
(Century 12)- Ensign




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