Galaxy Far Far Away....

3,500 years later

3,500 years later........

The Galaxy has changed much in the 3,500 years.

The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empires no longer exist and are just in the history books.

The Mandalorian Clans have become the ruling body of most of the Galaxy, Currently led by Mandalore the Free. The Mandalorians are a rigid militaristic group. Currently the Galaxy is at peace but they are prepared for anything. They have managed to stamp out slavery and piracy in most of the sectors they control.

The Tapani sector- Is currently being led by Queen Marie V of the Height dynasty. Her rule has not been popular with the Royalty due to talks of once again opening citizenship to non humans and non near humans. Tapani sector has been a staunchly Human and near Human area and has been very rigid on its stance against letting any other species in.



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