Galaxy Far Far Away....

1 Year Later

Flash Forward 1 year

Much has happened in the year since the group split up:

There has been no word from Tyrious “Tye” Solaros since he left the group to head out on his own.

Zentarik Genarik is currently an Instructor at the Jedi Academy and no longer works with the group.

Mälé Eelo’bek left the group to fight in the Annual quick draw competition on the Emerald Queen. He won this year and has been touring smaller quick draw comps.

Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob,Growak,John Height, and Cad have been working together scavenging the Space Battle site they discovered. They have turned what they have found into millions of credits and are currently building a facility to work out of. Soon it will be up and running.



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