Galaxy Far Far Away....


After the Bloody Mando/Tapani War and the Assault against the Death Star. The remaining Heads of State Merge together and Clan Organa of the Mandos is declared the Galactic Emperor, with the Mandos being the Military Arm.

Genetic Cloning and most Genetic Engineering is made illegal.

Stanley Height becomes the King of Tapani due to teh fact that he is the last survivng heir. However, he soon abdicates to allow the Tapani Sector to join The Galactic Empire.

Jarren Geist and Devin Scorsese are posthumosly awarded the highest honors in the galaxy, statues of them are built across the Galaxy.

The Church of the Sith becomes the main force using tradition in the Galaxy.

Tython and the Death Star
The End?

The group picks up where they left off in the previous game. Landing on the decimated Jedi Order home planet of Tython, which even thousands of years later still shows the devastating affects of the Mandalorians hyperspace capable missiles. However, the force leads Jarren Geist down to what looks to be a newly built landing pad.
Once landing the automated system lowers them down into the bowels of Tython. After exploring they find a security room and are able to power it back up. The security feed reveals that this was a secret Walkers of the Sky training facility, however, it looked to be attacked by Mandolorians. The three heads of the Walkers fought a delaying action that allowed their students to escape but cost them their lives in a battle with what looks to be very powerful Force Sensitive Mandolorians.

After leaving Tython, the group spends years tracking down the death star, who the mandalorians are and where they are located. The information they find reveals that thousands of years ago a Mando Scientist from Clan Shysa named Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob. It seems that after multiple millenia of cloning himself in the pursuit of perfection, he has gone insane. He desires to rid the galaxy of the imperfect population and seed it with the clones.

After reporting this info the Mandos and the Tapani, a great Armada is formed consisting of: The Mandalorians, The New Galactic Republic, and the Tapani Sector. The group is tasked with infiltrating the Death Star and taking out Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob in the hopes that the clones will surrender once their leader/creator is dead.

This leads to an epic battle in one of the control centers. The group fight three Wolf Clones who are unable to be sensed or affected by the force (one reason they are insane?). The group manages to take out one of the clones quickly but soon after Devin Scorsese was killed, impaled by metal spikes that the Wolf Clone pulled from the ground. Soon after HK-47 is disabled but manages to take out one of the clones. This leaves Jarren Geist to go one on one with the final clone. However, HK-47 managed to do a reboot of its system and recieves a message from the Master Operating System of the Death Star to join with it. Hk-47 crawls through an open maitence elevator shaft, is lowered down into the main control center of the Death Star and uploads himself, effectivly merging with the Death Star. His first sense is that he is infected with a living virus (every living person on the death star), and inexplicably self destructs. This causes the death of Jarren Geist, Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob clone and any incubating, most of the Great Armada. Hk-47’s last actions is to show the video of the group fighting the wolf clones to the death, their sacrafice leads to them being honored across the Galaxy.

Highs and Lows

TSS Relentless moved out with its new crew members to patrol the space lanes. As they moved on their patrol, they were suddenly pulled out of hyperspace with damaged engines. Century Squadron is scrambled to hold off incoming marauders. There is an exchange of missiles and both sides take damage before they clash in individual dogfights. (except for Big Bird, who dodged the dogfight to engage entangled foes) After mopping up the marauders with minimal losses, they discovered a freighter starting to move slowly away. Ordered to move close and scan the freighter, they do so as it starts to move away and they are ordered to damage its engines. Right when Stanley starts to fire on the engines, the warning comes that the ship is highly radioactive and everyone is ordered back, narrowly getting out of the way when the ship explodes. After an awards ceremony and some chit chat where Stanley starts to realize he is one of a few that agree with non-humans becoming citizens, Stanley, Devon and Jarren get ordered into an asteroid field to pursue three suspected pirate fighters. Splitting up and moving into the field, they discover that their sensors are being reflected back on them and giving them strange readings. Finally breaking into a more open area, they are ambushed by the three fighters they were pursuing and fight them off, but all get their ships destroyed and fall unconscious as more fighters join the combat. They slowly wake up in a medbay. Looking around, they see that the bay is deserted except for one doctor who is muttering to himself. This is when they discover the restraints that hold them to the beds, getting tighter when they struggle. Stanley, in his royal manner, demands to be freed, since no Height will suffer such indignity, attracts the attention of the doctor, who, while muttering, mostly to himself, takes a sample and then injects Stanley with something that knocks him out, watching him and looking disappointed. Discovering that Devon might not be human, he takes a sample from him as well. This whole time, all Jarren can think about is how he will prove his kills in the asteroid field because not only with his ship get destroyed, he didn’t make it back to the relentless, AND no one else saw the kills.

Century Squadron

After graduating from the Tapani Military Academy and flight school, the group is slowly making their way to their first posting. Heavy Dreadnaught TSS Relentless.

They all arrive and are introduced to Captain Leonardo Kraven, the CO of the Relentless, a close personal friend of Crown Prince Height. They fought together during the Tapani Civil War. He welcomes the group abord the ship and tells you that you will be assigned to Century Squadron.
Century Squadron is a fast attack squadron commanded by Lord Commander Frenklan Height (a Royal he is cousin and pretty far down the line of succestion.

CO-(Century 1) Lord Commander Frenklan Height-Male Human Royal
XO-(Century 2) Lt Commander Sev’eere’nuruodo(Nuru)-Female Chiss
(Century 3)- Lt Leeland Monrow-male Human
(Century 4)- Lt Jg Travur Solo-Male Human
(Century 5)- Lt Jg Jamaes Miiikes-male Human Noble born
(Century 6)- Lt Jg Lynda Frances-Female Human Noble Born
(Century 7)- Ensign Harlon Grum-Male Duros
(Century 8)- Ensign Charl Remb-male human
(Century 9)- Lord Ensign Stanley Height-Male human Royal
(Century 10)- Ensign Jarren Geist-Male Omwatti
(Century 11)- Ensign Devin Scorsese-Male Human
(Century 12)- Ensign


3,500 years later
3,500 years later........

The Galaxy has changed much in the 3,500 years.

The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empires no longer exist and are just in the history books.

The Mandalorian Clans have become the ruling body of most of the Galaxy, Currently led by Mandalore the Free. The Mandalorians are a rigid militaristic group. Currently the Galaxy is at peace but they are prepared for anything. They have managed to stamp out slavery and piracy in most of the sectors they control.

The Tapani sector- Is currently being led by Queen Marie V of the Height dynasty. Her rule has not been popular with the Royalty due to talks of once again opening citizenship to non humans and non near humans. Tapani sector has been a staunchly Human and near Human area and has been very rigid on its stance against letting any other species in.

End of an Era.......

John Height talks the group into helping end the Tapani Civil War. He convices everybody to unleach the fill might of their fleets on House Mecetti. The group shows up to find that House Mecetti also has a massive fleet. After hours of battle head and heir of House Mecetti are both taken out causing the rest of the fleets to scatter or surrender.

After being crowned High King of the Tapani sector,John Height sells the remaining members of House Mecetti into slavery to the Hutts.

The group then takes out a Republic Shipyard that has experimental long range turbolasers and also has a Tal-Warr Class Drednaught being built, striking a huge blow against the Republic.

Growak decides it is time for new leadership for the Mandalores and challenges Mandalore the Vindicated to a trial of leadership(fight to the death). Which he barely wins, and is Crowned Mandalore the Inviciple.

Afterwards, Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob contacts the group to let them know that he has figured out how to control the time travel device from Episode 14. He explains that it can only go forward or backward in increments of 50 years. So the group decides to travel only 50 years to maybe get new tech or see how the galaxy ends up…..

What they find is galaxy wide devastaion and death. Apperentaly some sort of war happened and a plague was released that turned people into mindless creatures. After traveling around for a while and not finding anybody left alive they make it to Wolfs hideout where they find him, sitting at a computer mumbling how he made a mistake in his calculations and he must fix his mistake. It looks like he attempted to release force desensitized soldiers based off the Czerka files he found but it went horiblly wrong. Cad took pity on him and ended his life before returning to their timeline.

Once there they confronted Wolf about what they had seen but he seemed to not have any idea what was going on. So John Height decided to end the threat to the galaxy and beheaded him in his lab…….However, as they soon found out Wolf was not really at the lab. The group barely made it out alive before his labs self destructed.

Mandalore the Inviciple used the might of the Mandalore fleets to smash the Republic and soon after the Sith Empire broke out into a Civil War when Lord Vich failed to assasinate the Sith Emperor. However, the Mandalorians arrived and ended the Sith threat to the galaxy once and for all. The Mandalorians have become the new ruling Government in the Galaxy.

The Tapani closed their borders during this time of war and rebuilt. King Height eventually reveals his new Force Sensitive body Guards. The Height dynasty rules for thousands of years.

However, Wolf was left alive and you know good loose ends are…….

Damn orbs, Damn force

Growak and John Height decided that they wanted to search out the lost jedi fleet. They searched several nebulae before discovering 15 republic dreadnaughts floating dead in space. Between visual cues and scanning, John and Growak determined the flagship of the fleet and docked with it, cutting into the ship to gain access. They discovered that while the ship had atmosphere, it was thin and stale, and there was no gravity. They moved through the ship towards the bridge, towing a portable generator. There were empty sets of clothing and armor everywhere, like all the people had been vanished. Once at the bridge, they used generator to power up the nav system to check on where the fleet had previously been. After getting no real information, they hook the generator up to the captain’s console and powered that up. They checked the logs and discovered that the fleet had discovered a mysterious orb, broadcasting a distress signal. After that, there were no more entries. Looking through the security systems, they found the location of the orb in a secure room on the ship. Going there, they found the room-sized orb standing by itself, with five sets of jedi robes scattered in the room. After poking at the orb with objects, they discovered that the seemingly solid object rippled with the pokes. John stripped his glove off and touched the surface, instantly vanishing, his clothing dropping behind him. Growak muttered and after a minute, stripped his gauntlet off, gripped his Ryyk blade and touched the orb. Instantly, they were in a desert with a solitary sun overhead. With sand dunes in all directions, John checks for water or living things, seeing nothing. They decide to travel in a single direction for six hours, still seeing nothing. The sun never moves and the only determination of the passage of time is the slow tick of their chronos. Searching the area through his scope, John spots a giant battle between force users back the way they had come. They head that way and realize that they aren’t getting any closer. With a pause, they ponder this and start again, willing themselves along. Sure enough, they quickly arrive at the edge of the battle. Growak decides to move into the area towards a strange figure in the center of the melee while John covers him with a sniper rifle. No one pays attention to him until Growak gets to the center and taps the woman on the shoulder to get her attention. She immediately turns and lunges at Growak burying two strange feelers into him. Reeling back, Growak slashed her in half with his blade. Immediately, all the fighting figures started surrounding Growak, attacking with their lightsabers. John immediately fires to support him, but his blaster bolts move so slowly that they barely make it out of the barrel, inching their way towards the battlefield. After several tense seconds as Growak threw thermal detonators and fought his way towards the edge of the battlefield, he had a thought and jumped towards John, willing himself along. With a spectacular launch, Growak landed hundreds of feet from where he started, slashed and battered. John spots the solitary figure and runs over to her. As he is deciding whether to attack her or not, the figures split and charge both John and Growak. John stays long enough to strike at the solitary figure and take her out, then runs away from the group of attackers. After everything has settled down, they both headed back to the center, where the ground reminds them of the orb’s surface. As soon as they arrive, Growak reaches down with a bare hand and touches it, instantly being transported into a back nothingness. Seeing out of the orb, they see their clothing and armor laying on the floor. With a simple desire, they escape the orb and are back in their gear.
Deciding they need a force user, they track down a jedi and ask him to come and check the orb out. He agrees and helps them navigate the orb and they discover a control room that houses three computers and a someone in suspended animation. Working their way through hooking up their datapads (and breaking the first two plugs along the way), they decipher the data. The frozen person is a Rakata, the one who developed the star forges, maybe developed time travel, and who has come down with a disease. Taking the nav system data, they escape the orb again and bid the jedi farewell with a small gift.

They then travel to Tatooine to visit the crazy guy who had been talking about time travel. They do, arriving just as he puts the finishing touches on his machine. he tells him that his name is Anton Calrissian and that he is from the Future, he works for a group called the Galactic Alliance. Growak helps him finish it while John distracts him with a story of needing a piece of copper to finish it so that John could disable the explosives set to destroy it. They deactivate the charges, John makes up a place to put the copper, and then the two back away so the traveler could make his attempt. There was a scream and when Growak and John return, there is a blood smear near the device. They call Wolf to come in and take the device to experiment with it.
Shortly after, Growak talks the Mandalore out of attacking the Sith and Republic navys due to the messing up of the plan for Sith civil war. It falls on Clan Shysa, to come to the Sith’s rescue and ensure the defeat of the Republic. Due to a misunderstanding, John attacks one of the Sith armadas while Growak focuses on the republic forces. After a pitched battle, one of the republic armadas escapes and the only sith navy left is Darth Vich’s apprentice. Growak turns and smashes it with extreme prejudice. Reporting to Darth Vich that the republic finished off all the sith ships and letting the Mandalore know that his plan ended up being executed perfectly.


The Galaxy is once again at war. With the destruction of the Republics new flag ship with all the dignataries onboard the Republic could no longer ignore the Sith Empires provocations.

A few months after the war started the Tapani sector has erupted into a full fledged civil war.

As of yet the Mandolorians have yet to fully enter the war on either side. Smaller Clans have hired themselves out for small battles but thats it.

Czerka has declared that it is no longer building weapons and anything that causes destruction and death. They have ceased to sell anything to either side


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