Chapter 1
Episode 1-Group is currently still on Ord Mantell
Episode 2-Group is on Ord Mantell and is joined by Zentarik Genarik
Episode 3-Group Finishes on Ord Mantell and ends up fighting an Evil Sith Ewok
Episode 4-Group fights and kills the Evil Sith Ewok and learns some of the truth behind Mr. Jo’N Siin
Episode 5-Group explores mystery ship and ends up stranded on an Un-Charted Jungle Planet in the Deep Core.
Episode 6-Group finds an underground facility and accidently sets off an explosive device, Wrax Leman and Dorn Tio die in the expolosion.
Episode 7- The team meets Cad and Growak stuck on the Un-Charted Jungle Planet and manage to escaped.
Episode 8-The group splits up temporarily and meet John Height
1 Year Later-The game flash forwards 1 year.
Episode 9- Poor planning leads to a near disaster
Episode 10-Wolf disapears
3 months later
Episode 11- Learns of a possible coup in the Sith Empire
Episode 12-The group steals Hyperspace capable missiles from Czerka
Episode 13- Tal-warr Betrays the Group and the Galaxy is now at war!
Episode 14-Growak and John Height discover a mobile star forge and takes out Darth Vichs apprentice
Episode 15-The war ends with the Destruction of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire
Chapter 2
3,500 years later
Century Squadron
Episode 16-Introduces us to the new players and an old “Friend”
Episode 17-The group escapes from Wolfgang “Wolf” Wizzleknob with the help of Brother Yoda, the High Priest of the Church of the Sith
Episode 18-The group fights in the Battle of Coruscant, all end up crashed on planet.
Episode 19-The group escapes Coruscant with the help of the New Republic, decides to go rogue. Splits with Stanley Height
Episide 20- The group visits Tyhton and take place in the Battle of Yavin, ends with the destruction of the Death Star, most of the Mandolrian Fleet, and the Tapani Fleet.

Galaxy Far Far Away....

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